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what is sales process

Sales process is a series of activities and steps that a salesperson follows in order to prospect for new business, generate leads, and close deals. 

The sales process begins with identifying the target market and understanding their needs. Next, the salesperson develops a sales strategy based on the target market and the product or service that they are selling. Finally, the salesperson conducts research, makes calls, and visits potential customers to generate leads. Once the leads are generated, the salesperson follows up with them to ensure that they are interested in the product or service and to develop a proposal. The salesperson then closes the deal by securing the customer’s commitment

what is representative sales

Representative sales is a sales process where a representative sells a product or service to a customer. Representatives are hired by companies to sell a specific product or service to a customer. Representatives are also hired by individuals to sell a product or service to a customer. Representatives can be contracted or full-time. Representatives are usually hired for a specific geographic area. Representatives are usually paid a commission for each sale.

representative sales Job Details : 

Employment Type : Full Time

Remote Job : No

Minimum Education Level : N/A

Listed By : Employer

Career Level : Junior

Gender : Any

Company Name : Confidential

representative sales Job Description

The world leader in the edible oil industry afia announces its recruitment of competent representatives sales in all provinces of the state .

We include all nationalities with accommodation available

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